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Eco Energy A Nation’s Values

We consider our nation first and foremost a moral entity, which was built over centuries by the efforts and solidarity of each succeeding generation, all of them related by blood. Portugal was born out of the will and effort of the Portuguese people. Our past is full of beauty and of grand […]

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Eco Energy Globalization

As we are currently living in an age of great mobility and growth, it is paramount to share experiences and knowledges. By means of added value from each individual, this sharing will generate the development of new ideas and projects, and subsequently a greater evolution that […]

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The International sucess of Eco Energy

Eco Energy has projects in several countries. What is this inter- nationalisation down to? The experience we have acquired allows us to create solutions which are adapted to the needs of emerging markets, where we decided to establish ourselves and where a process of […]

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Eco Energy History and Culture

Eco Energy was founded in 2010 and our aim is to develop projects that present strong conceptual and technical elements in the areas of air conditioning, solar energy and plumbing. Those are the solutions our clients are looking for us to provide them with. Other than the conceptual and […]

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Today it would be almost impossible and unimaginable to do another job. I live for it. It is very demanding and can lead to some fatigue. However, I do not tire of it – each day I embrace this job with great passion, work with zeal and accept it with joy. I am proud of my profession and aware of […]

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